Welcome to our Gallery, a visual journey through the remarkable work executed by the Diamond Striping team. Here, you’ll find a comprehensive collection of our projects, each showcasing our commitment to excellence and attention to detail. Each section below will feature a “before” and “after” of the projects we’ve worked on.



Paint Striping & Re-Striping

Our professional paint striping services encompass both initial layouts and re-striping for parking lots. We ensure precise and vibrant markings that enhance safety, compliance, and the visual appeal of your property.

ADA Markings & Fire Lanes

Our expertise extends to creating ADA-compliant markings and clearly designated fire lanes. We prioritize accessibility and safety, ensuring your property adheres to legal requirements and safety standards.

Athletic Fields & Courts

We specialize in athletic field and court striping, delivering crisp, professional lines for various sports and recreational areas. Our markings enhance safety, gameplay experience, and the overall aesthetics of your sports facility.

Asphalt Sealcoating

Protect and extend the life of your commercial or residential asphalt surfaces with our sealcoating service. It not only safeguards your pavement against wear and tear but also enhances its visual appeal, making your property more inviting.

Asphalt Crack Repair

We offer prompt and effective asphalt crack repair to prevent minor issues from escalating. Our service prolongs the life of your asphalt, eliminates safety hazards, and maintains a smooth and even surface.

Wheel Stops & Speed Bumps Installations

Our professional installations of wheel stops and speed bumps are designed to enhance traffic management and safety within your parking lot. These features help prevent accidents and guide traffic flow effectively.

Pothole Repair (Concrete & Asphalt)

Addressing both concrete and asphalt potholes, our expert repair service not only improves safety but also prevents further damage, reducing the need for extensive repairs in the future.

Asphalt Tie-In

Our asphalt tie-in service seamlessly blends new asphalt with existing surfaces, ensuring a smooth and visually cohesive result. This service is essential for maintaining the integrity of your pavement.

Bollard Pole Installations

We specialize in installing sturdy and durable bollard poles, enhancing the safety and security of your property. These installations prevent vehicle encroachments and protect pedestrians.

Curb Repair

Our curb repair service ensures the integrity and safety of curbs around your property. Well-maintained curbs contribute to a polished and safe environment.

Cleaning Services

We offer regular cleaning services to keep your parking lot looking its best. Options include weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning to meet your specific needs and ensure a clean and attractive property.

Asphalt Installation

Experience the enduring quality of a professionally installed asphalt surface with our Asphalt Installation Service. Ideal for those seeking a long-term solution for high-traffic areas, asphalt provides a reliably smooth and hard-wearing pavement that’s ready for action in no time. Enjoy the seamless integration of durability and rapid usability, ensuring your roadways and parking lots can resume normal activity with minimal disruption. Perfect for businesses and municipalities alike, asphalt’s quick-dry feature means your operations can continue running smoothly with virtually no downtime.