Paint Striping & Re-Striping

Parking lot striping and re-striping are essential services that greatly contribute to the safety, efficiency, and aesthetics of your property. Properly marked parking lots guide vehicles and pedestrians, reducing the risk of accidents. They also maximize space, allowing for a higher capacity of vehicles. Re-striping, on the other hand, revives faded lines and markings, ensuring your parking lot remains compliant with regulations and continues to provide clear direction to users.

What Is Included In Paint Striping & Re-Striping?

Our parking lot striping and re-striping services begin with a comprehensive site assessment where our team evaluates the current condition of your parking lot and determines the best course of action. For new parking lots, we meticulously plan and execute striping layouts that optimize space and ensure smooth traffic flow.

For re-striping projects, we start by thoroughly cleaning the parking lot to ensure optimal paint adhesion. Next, we carefully apply high-quality, durable paint to existing markings, or adjust the layout if changes are needed. Our team is experienced in creating ADA compliant markings, fire lane designations, and other specific parking lot requirements.

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Paint Striping & Re-Striping Benefits:

Ready To Get Started?

Paint Striping & Re-Striping FAQ:

How often should I have my parking lot re-striped?
The frequency of re-striping depends on the volume of traffic, weather conditions, and the quality of the initial striping job. However, a general rule is to re-stripe every 2-3 years.
The duration of the striping process can vary based on the size of the parking lot and the complexity of the layout. Our team will provide an estimated timeline after the initial site assessment.
For the best results and safety, it’s recommended to stripe a parking lot when it’s not in use. We can schedule our services during your off-peak hours (or at night) to minimize disruption.
We use high-quality, durable, Sherman Williams paint designed to withstand various weather conditions and regular wear from vehicle traffic.

Remember, our team at Diamond Striping is here to answer any other questions you might have and provide a parking lot striping solution tailored to your needs.